Pork cracklings

After the whole ritual is over, stabbed, parched, washed, cut, we go to work, I mean, I really like it. I think I was a butcher in another life. portioned, I haven't experimented on my own yet, but it's not too late .... Not to mention, I'll move on to my favorite part, which is roasting pork in categories ... , another time something else ...

With the bacon on the table, cut the ham and remove the excess fat that will become crumbs. Cut the bacon into the right pieces, put them in a large bowl, pour 1l of water and leave the bacon on the fire, over low heat, until all melts. bacon and the scallops and lard are formed.

Caltabos with pork chops - Transylvanian recipe like at home mom

With the arrival of Christmas, the cooks start to prepare the traditional Romanian food and to show how skilled they are. Mothers and grandmothers will prepare, sarmale, caltabos, lebar.


  1. Pig organs, liver, kidneys, lungs
  2. Mate for caltabos
  3. Pork with fat & # 8211 500 grams
  4. Lard from the jumari
  5. A cup of rice
  6. A tablespoon of sweet paprika
  7. Onions - 3 pieces
  8. Salt
  9. Pepper
  10. Thyme.

Preparation & # 8211 Transylvanian Caltabos with pork chops

Wash all organs very well, in several waters, until the water comes out clean and cleans the organs of all dirt. The kidneys must be cut in half and cleaned of the skin, after which all the organs are boiled, and then left to cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the pork, cut it into small pieces, put it on the fire and prepare the good and tasty Romanian scallops like at home. The lard must be stored and used for cooking. Cut the three onions and fry in lard from the jumari, and then let both the onion and the jumari cool.

Boil a cup of rice in two cups of water with a little salt until all the water is absorbed, and then leave it to cool.

Mix the organs with rice, onions, lard and scallops, add salt and pepper to taste or any other spices you like.

After washing the mats until they come out clean, fill them with the caltabos composition, and if it is broken somewhere, sew well. The mats are also sewn at the ends so that the composition does not come out of them.

A little longer and the caltabos is ready, everything that was hard has passed, and now comes the easiest part, boil water with plenty of water to cover the caltabos. When the water boils and boils, add the caltabos and let it boil.

Caltabosii are boiled one by one, one by one. When the caltabos swells, prick it with a toothpick, so that the fat comes out of it and does not crack. If the caltabos swells several times, it stings each time, otherwise you risk breaking.

Boil on low heat for about 45 minutes, until well boiled, and then remove from the water. The recipe is ready and you can serve caltabos, both cold and hot.

Pork lard and lard

Prepared at home, my people didn't cut pork & # 8230, in fact it hasn't been cut for a long time, you know cholesterol problems :). Yesterday I bought some ham and seeing that a lot of people buy bacon for jumari, I said let's make it at home too, it's just not hard. Once today I wash the curtains, if you cleaned for Christmas do not start jumping, the whole house will smell of frying :).
We need:
bacon for jumari (if it also has meat through it, all the better)

Cut the bacon to the size of a box of matches, then put them in a pot and let them melt over low heat, stirring occasionally.

When they rise to the surface they are ready, we take them out with a spatula and put them in strainers.

If you like them drier, press them a little to get the fat out. If you don't leave them like that. I got a bigger bowl and about 800g of lard.

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Pork cracklings

Cut the bacon pieces into cubes, put them in the pan, add the lard or water and salt, then turn them in the pot continuously until they leave the lard. After they start to leave the lard, they do not stick to the bottom of the pot. They continue to separate until they turn red and no longer have grease in them. Then strain and serve at Christmas and more.

My husband is accustomed - as can be seen in the pictures sent - when the lard becomes clear, to add a few carnations and onions for frying and serve next to the hot and drained lard.

Pork bacon jumari

Cut the bacon into pieces and place in a saucepan to fry. We always spin with a spoon