Fendi RTW Spring 2014: Ombré, Circut Boards and—Star Wars?

Does it feel like we're stalking Cara Delevingne yet? Probably, as we've been watching her walk runways in New York, London and now at Milan Fashion Week, and as the face of Fendi, we knew she would open their Spring 2014 show. But as much as we love the quirky model, she took a backseat today to Fendi's technicolor collection of red, orange, cerulean, and pink hues. The pieces were light and airy, even when combined with the more heavily detailed patterns of computer circuitry.
The collection started bright and pixelated, with square and linear shapes layered in a structured ombré design. But as the dresses progressed down the catwalk, the colors became loosely blended; soon flowing garments in varying hues of vermillion were giving way to angled fuchsia and sheer shades of blue.
The geometric overlays were consistent throughout the collection and served to keep the models modestly covered. But the strategically staggered draping became more revealing the further down her legs you looked. It was an understatedly sexy—something that New York Fashion Week designers failed to capture in their body-baring cutouts.
The fur clutches and bags the models toted looked heavy with the light, multicolored dresses—although the feather detailing did help ease their transition in spring. The bits of fur on jewelry was much more appealing, and the little wisps that hung off bracelets and hair accessories moved well with the dresses (not to mention helped to hide those wigs).
What's the best thing about this collection aside from the fact that the sheer pieces really are ready to wear? The circuit board patterns on skirts, dresses, and jackets. I love technology as much as the next girl, but would I want to wear it? It turns out, yes, I would. And I would love every second of it. Dresses that mimic the markings in motherboards and one that has a slight Star Wars R2-D2-meets-Storm-Trooper vibe (pictured above) to them are my personal favorites. Now instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear your hard drive—sort of.

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