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Mulled wine in Swedish

Swedish Mulled Wine Ingredients

  1. Orange 1 piece.
  2. Allspice 3 peas.
  3. Clove 5 pieces.
  4. Cahors or other semi-sweet red wine 1 bottle.
  5. Ground cinnamon 1 pinch.
  6. Honey -1 tablespoon. taste
  7. Raisins 50 grams.
  8. Peeled almonds 50 grams.
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Red Wine, Honey
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep pan with lid, Knife, Kitchen stove, Cutting board, wooden or plastic, Paper towels, Sieve, colander, Mulled wine jug, Tall transparent glasses with handles

Swedish mulled wine preparation:

Step 1: put the orange and wine in the pan.

First of all, it is worth choosing our wine correctly! In this recipe, it is best to use Cahors Ukrainian or Church. Then take an orange. We wash it and on a cutting board we cut into small slices, having previously peeled them and removed the seeds. Remember, no matter what citrus is used in the recipe for making mulled wine - you must peel it off without fail. This must be done because very often any citrus fruit in stores is covered with a special protective film called a polymer film. She is so thin that you can’t see her at all. This is all done with the goal of storing fruits as long as possible and so that at the same time they still retain their most attractive presentation. Such a film is simply unrealistic to remove at home, even if you thoroughly wash the fruit under a hot stream of water. Although the film is not dangerous to your health, you should always remove the peel from all purchased fruits. After that, put our orange in a pan and pour it with wine.

Step 2: heat the wine with spices.

Before you put the wine to warm, add to the pan add allspice peas, whole buds of cloves, and also add ground cinnamon and honey. Now put the pan on a small fire. In any case, any mulled wine cannot be brought to the boiling stage, otherwise it can simply go bad with you. The most optimal mulled wine heating temperature should be 68-72 degrees. You can warm wine with spices for mulled wine in absolutely any dish, except metal. The use of silverware for this is also permitted. The wine needs to be heated until the white foam formed on top disappears.

Step 3: serve Swedish mulled wine.

Tightly close the pot with the lid and let the mulled wine brew in a rather warm place (on the stove for example) minutes 20-30. At this time, we take it out sorted out the raisins, washed it thoroughly under running water and dried well on a paper towel. Then we spread the raisins with almonds together on thick-walled transparent glasses with handles. Filter the drink from the pan through a sieve or colander into a large bowl or jug, and only then carefully pour it into glasses that already contain almonds and raisins. You can decorate a drink with glasses at will. After that, mulled wine should be served immediately. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Mulled wine in Swedish is drunk exclusively only in hot form and always from tall (so that it doesn’t cool down so quickly), preferably transparent (to drink and enjoy the color of this drink) glasses with small handles, while inhaling aromatic etheric and hot his couples.

- - sometimes a small amount of cognac, rum, all kinds of liquors, freshly squeezed lemon juice are added to mulled wine, but in such a small amount that all of these additives do not spoil or change the taste of mulled wine, but, on the contrary, give it the most refined aroma.

- - if according to the recipe you need hot water in the composition of the mulled wine, then it should be boiled a little before adding it. In no case should you pour hot water after adding the alcoholic drink itself (we have this wine, of course) - this will worsen the taste of both the wine and the drink itself in the end. To avoid this, you will need to very carefully pour the heated water along the very edge of the dish with alcohol.