A fish

Pike perch in sour cream

Ingredients for cooking pike perch in sour cream

  1. Pike perch fillet 1 kilogram
  2. Sour cream 20% fat 250 milliliters
  3. Hard cheese 100 grams
  4. Wheat flour 100-150 grams
  5. Breadcrumbs 30 grams
  6. Butter 30 grams
  7. Vegetable oil for frying
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Sudak, Sour cream
  • Serving 4 servings


Cutting board, Knife, Frying pan, Cooker, Plate - 2 pieces, Wooden spatula, Oven, Baking tray, Coarse grater, Bowl, Tablespoon, Serving dish, Kitchen paper towels

Cooking zander in sour cream:

Step 1: prepare the fish.

First of all, we rinse well the pike perch fillet under running water and after, slightly shaking off the fish from excess liquid, put it on a cutting board. Dry the fillets on both sides of the excess water, using kitchen paper towels. If the fish is quite long and large, it can be cut into small portions with a knife if desired. After that, salt and pepper the fish to taste.

Step 2: fry the fish.

Pour a small amount of flour into a plate. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan and put the container on medium heat. When the oil warms up well, make the fire less than average and begin to fry the fish. To do this, first roll the pike perch in flour on both sides, and then gently spread it in a pan at a small distance from each other. Fry the fish until golden brown.
The readiness of the fillet can be checked by lifting its edges with a wooden spatula. If one side is already browned, then the fish can be turned over to the other side. Pike perch meat is very tender, so it will quickly fry. Transfer the finished fillet with a wooden spatula to a free plate and continue to fry the fish until it ends. Immediately after that, turn off the burner and proceed to the next stage of cooking.

Step 3: prepare the cheese.

Using a coarse grater, we grate hard cheese directly on a cutting board and after that we transfer it to a deep bowl. Attention: Any kind of hard cheese of your choice is suitable for making zander. At will, you can choose Dutch, Russian or Kostroma cheese.

Step 4: prepare the sour cream dressing for the dish.

In a bowl with grated cheese, add sour cream and, using a tablespoon, carefully mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is formed. Everything, refueling is ready!

Step 5: prepare the zander in sour cream.

We grease the baking sheet with a piece of butter, not forgetting the sides of the container. Then put the fried pikeperch fillet on a baking sheet. Using a tablespoon, apply sour cream dressing to the surface of the fish and sprinkle each piece of fish with breadcrumbs. Put the dish in a preheated oven to a temperature 180 ° C and bake zander for 15 minutes. Over this period of time, the dish will be covered with a fried crust and will attract everyone with its unforgettable aroma.
Immediately after that, turn off the oven, and take out a baking sheet, using kitchen oven gloves and set aside for 10 minutes so that the fish can cool a little. After the allotted time, using a wooden spatula, we transfer the pike perch in sour cream to a dish for serving and we hasten to treat guests.

Step 6: serve the pike perch in sour cream.

Pike perch in sour cream is very tender and tasty. If desired, you can decorate the dish with a slice of lemon and sprinkle with finely chopped fresh parsley. But you can serve such a dish with side dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, jacket potatoes or fresh vegetable salads.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- If you are preparing a dish from frozen fillet of pike perch, then it must be taken out of the freezer in advance and set aside to thaw to room temperature. In no case should you put the fish in the microwave or thaw under a stream of hot water. Otherwise, the pike perch will lose its taste and aroma, and the dish simply will not work.

- Pike perch in sour cream can be prepared from pieces of fish. To do this, you just need to take a whole zander, gut it and cut into portioned pieces.

- For frying fish, olive oil will be an excellent substitute for vegetable oil.

- In addition to black ground pepper, you can use any other seasonings for fish to your taste for cooking zander in sour cream.