Whole Foods product Review: 365 Snack Crackers

Buttery, crispy, and the perfect size for dipping

Hummus, salsa, cheese tray... Whole Foods 365 snack crackers are a great pick to round out your party appetizers. These crackers are buttery, light, and crisp, great for topping with cheese or for dips such as spinach artichoke four cheese dip.

Another awesome thing about these crackers is that you can actually take a bite out of them without them crumbling to pieces. These snack crackers are baked just enough so they will be crispy without it breaking before you get the dip to your mouth.

The 365 snack cracker would also be a great complement to tuna or seafood salad. The buttery flavor is not overpowering and extremely versatile. So whether you looking for a social cracker for a dinner party on just want a quick snack, the 365 snack cracker is a great choice.

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