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Take the donut neamuleeeeeee !!!!!!

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Sift flour together with salt and sugar and put in a bowl. Make a hole in the middle and put the yeast mixed with a teaspoon of sugar, warm milk and a little flour. Let the yeast rise.

Melt the butter, beat the eggs with the vanilla.

Heat milk and water (not hot).

We put eggs and melted and cooled butter, then we start to knead, alternating milk and water.

Knead a dough not too hard until it comes off the walls of the bowl.

We put the vessel in a warm place (it is not too hard to find now) free of drafts and let it rise until it doubles in volume.

Sprinkle the top with flour, spread a sheet about 2cm thick and cut shapes with the glass.

We leave them on the table to grow a little more.

Put the oil in a higher pan and fry the donuts, placing them with the top down in the oil.

Let it brown nicely on both sides.

We take them out on an absorbent towel.

We powder them with sugar, add another teaspoon of jam and serve them with a lot of appetite.

Christmas donut

Apparent, in its first meeting, before Christmas, the Government spoiled the appetite for sarmale, sausages, cozonac and spritz of several hundred heads of ministries, agencies and kings with state capital by announcing that it was cutting their indecently fixed salaries to exorbitant levels and it caps them at the limit of the salary of a secretary of state. Some miserable amounts, of 4,800 lei per month. Minister Berceanu was even more zealous, firing 24 directors, with undeserved (but legally) wide pockets, which will be left with lawsuits. Prime Minister Boc also froze 145,000 budget positions, then estimated that, in a single meeting, he saves one billion euros. I'm afraid that he hurried, or that he served us, for the sake of the impact on the public, a donut. First of all, in the case of directors and other senior officials, he spoke about the resettlement of salaries, not exaggerated incomes, which they reached thanks to a sluggish system of bonuses, allowances, per diems and bonuses. It is not the salary itself that matters, but the income. Secondly, the freezing of 145,000 jobs means a false economy. Anyway, nothing came out of the budget for them. The blocking of employment, however, thickens unemployment and at the same time decreases the supply of the budget through taxes and fees for potential new employees. Who otherwise receive unemployment benefits. But in the end, the & # 8211 rather short & # 8211 time will validate or not the ideas and calculations of Mr. Boc. Like Gheorghe Pogea's promise: a fanciful budget deficit of only 1.7%.

To the attention of the Prime Minister, however, he missed & # 8211 if it is about emergencies, priorities & # 8211 an essential issue for the Romanian economy. Every day other companies go bankrupt, unemployment kneeling even large companies. Budget revenues have fallen sharply. Employers identify as a main cause the cessation of bank loans, financial blockages. A complex equation, difficult to solve and unspectacular in public. But maybe that should have been number one on the agenda of the first government meeting. Where the Executive, having as guests representatives of employers and the banking system, have identified real anti-crisis solutions.

Panic in Paris. A great PHILOSOPHER was ASSAULTED by the "Yellow Vests". The protest is growing

The yellow jackets protected Saturday for the 14th consecutive week in France. During the demonstration in Paris, a group of people insulted and booed the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, as can be seen in the videos posted on Twitter by Yahoo Actu and journalist Charles Baudry.

& bdquoIt is our France & rdquo, the protesters also chanted about the & nircircur & curses that do not need to be reproduced.

The police intervened promptly so that the situation did not degenerate, writes B1.

Although at first he sympathized with the movement of the yellow robes, the philosopher said he was disappointed, in an interview with Le Figaro, with the direction in which the movement was heading.

Numerous leaders of the revolt were welcomed with open arms & icircn television studios. They became stars of the small screens. Their promotion went up, and their arrogance made them change camps, & rdquo; said the philosopher.

The attack, considered anti-Semitic, was quickly condemned by many politicians, including members of the government. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux called for the arrest of the perpetrators.

& bdquoThe anti-Semitic insults he has been subjected to are a denial of what we are and what makes us a great nation. "We will not tolerate them," Macron wrote on Twitter.

Life at Court. Life without a norm

Anghel Morariu was a second-hand taxi driver, although he had finished college and could very well have worked as an engineer. At the time of the stories you are about to read, society was still valuing engineers.

But it was more convenient for Anghel Morariu to put his ass in a softened Dacia inherited from his parents, with whom he made good and untaxed money.

-What's in the hand is not a lie. Well, as much as I would have earned in a month as an engineer, I fall on a good summer day. I don't clap my hands, I see beautiful girls, I smell fine perfumes.

Anghel's wife, although delighted with the money the man was bringing home, felt that something was wrong.

-May, Anghele, what are you doing all day in that car that smells only of women's perfume?

-Well, I'm not an ox because I keep you like a lady, I buy you clothes and shoes and look how happy I am, the taxi driver is upset . Take care of the house, take care of the child properly and don't rub my radish anymore.

But the woman did not give him peace, and soon the scandals became unbearable.

-Know that I'm taking the baby and going to the mother.

-Go and come when I call you again! Anghel shouted at him. How much money I put in you, I bought my new car, to drive like a gentleman.

They divorced a few months later, the reason being the man's infidelity and his recalcitrant nature. Several well-meaning neighbors told about the divorce how poor Mrs. Morariu took care of the house and the little girl they had together.

-With my own eyes I saw him one evening kissing a woman in front of the block.

It was the testimony of the neighbor on the ground floor, an eyewitness to all the important events in the neighborhood and knowledgeable to the smallest detail of the intimate life of all the residents of the block.

Anghel Morariu suffered terribly after the divorce and, suddenly, the adventures that until then had seemed exciting to him, caused him nausea and disgust.

He had recruited Anemona one December evening in front of a downtown store.

-At the North Station, please.

Anghel had adjusted his rearview mirror so that he could better study the young woman who had boarded his taxi without knowing that she was going to her last journey.

The taxi driver started a conversation in which he told the girl that he is a college graduate, but he does taxi in order to earn extra money.

-I want to buy an apartment in the center, but I don't trust the banks, so I prefer to work hard for a few years, so I can pay with the money down.

The girl was a student and lived in a dormitory in Grozăvești. Anghel's plans seemed grand and she listened to him with admiration. He hadn't even noticed that the man had taken a different path, leaving the North Station behind.

Word of mouth, they got into intimate discussions, and the girl didn't seem to dislike this kind of conversation.

-Give him over the train, because I'll take you to Pitesti, Anghel told him.

-But I don't have that much money to pay for your race, the girl apologized.

-We find a way , the taxi driver reassured her.

The words had sounded very suggestive, and the young woman's resistance had given her courage. He stopped the taxi at the edge of a forest and in a few moments they were embracing in the back seat of Dacia. Anghel kissed her hungry, like an animal teasing its prey before the great feast.

-Stop! I want to go down. The girl shouted.

-You're not going anywhere. You are mine now!

An unjust fight ensued between the two, from which Anghel emerged victorious. His strong hands immediately shattered the life that flowed through the frail neck of the young woman who had fallen into his net. He died so quickly that he did not even understand what had happened to him.

Her warm body endured the shame of a rape without any spasm, inert and docile. His wide-open eyes were preoccupied with the bright light of the road without turning.

Anghel was satisfied. He felt a kind of revenge mixed with anger.

-Good fool!

He snatched the gold chain from his neck and a ring on his finger, then got behind the wheel driving his car to the edge of a frozen lake.

Later, the police would discover the two jewels of the victim at the taxi driver's ex-wife and his daughter.

"He gave them a Christmas present," she said.

The body of the girl in the taxi was slipped through a hole made in the ice that covered the lake, keeping the bloody secret until the spring thaw.

-The problem is that if you do something stupid once and you escape, go ahead. The first time I stained it, I grabbed it by the neck and escaped. Nobody looked for me, nobody caught me. The second time it went much easier. , Anghel would confess to the investigators.

Matilda got into the killer taxi and asked to be taken to an address in Pantelimon. She was extremely talkative, and Anghel felt that this woman was making her blood boil. He had a bizarre accent, he spoke slightly broken, but the way he pronounced the words gave him a special charm.

Anghel resumed his repertoire with the faculty, talking to him about his desire to buy an apartment in the center.

-Bankers are thieves, I don't trust them.

The woman was right, praising him for his decision.

-Your wife must feel like the luckiest woman in the world with such a man!

For Anghel, these words were a clear invitation to bodily union. The woman, when she wants, sends some messages that our hero knew how to decode.

"It went a lot easier the second time," his words had sounded, and he was right. The courage that an undiscovered crime gives you turns the individual into a serial killer.

-I was overwhelmed by that normal trance of a man whose arousal had begun a few hours ago, I was very close to satisfying the beautiful pleasure of sexual intercourse and I continued to hold her in my arms when she began to reject me brutally and even violent.

Matilda had to take a serious lesson because she had resisted. Anghel refused to understand and accept that a woman could ever refuse him.

-All of them are the same. They lure you with tricks, after which, when they see that you have reached an excited volcano, they throw a bucket of cold water in your head.

The lake, which had escaped the heavy winter clothes, was ready to swallow Matilda's body.

Things had happened differently with Maria. This damn woman had twisted his mind, driving away his criminal instincts.

-Matilda was not as fragrant as the other two, she knew what a man wanted. Besides, I had put a lot of money in it - restaurants, expensive gifts, I really didn't want to kill her.

-And yet you killed her! you even set it on fire so it wouldn't be recognized.

-The Bible says that fire purifies you.

The murderer's rage had erupted the moment Maria told him one day that she did not want to, and for this audacity she had to be punished. He set fire to her body like a torch, taking care to save her new shoes, which he had just given to the woman.

Maria was unrecognizable, but investigators were convinced it was the same murderer who had thrown the first two victims into the lake on the outskirts of the city.

Two fingers escaping the fury of the flames told the story of the one who had died in terrible torment. The fingerprints reconstructed in the laboratory led to the identification of the third victim, and the searches carried out in Maria's house sent the police directly to Anghel Morariu's door.

Convinced that no one would ever find out about his crimes, the man kept his victims' personal belongings in the house. He didn't even try to deny it.

-I killed them out of a sense of frustration caused by breaking up with my wife. I regret the facts, but not the victims.

After seven years of trial, the Supreme Court sentenced him to life in prison, but his life in prison was full of rewards that hastened his parole.

The company, satisfied that it got rid of a serial killer, repressed him among people after more than 25 years of detention.

-I realized that only God can punish me for my deeds, confessed Anghel, who, in detention, had discovered faith and repentance. I was vulnerable when I killed those women, now I am free in the land of the Lord.

His lack of freedom had accentuated his creative inclinations, the former taxi driver becoming an author of books and even a creator of poetry and motivational prose. His literary talent, displayed on the internet, reopened the prisoner's path to true love.

Daniela, a provincial teacher and wanted him as her husband, the two marrying in captivity. The woman's fidelity and her boundless patience to wait for a living being to be released, weighed heavily on the release of Anghel Morariu.

-Mr. President, I have aged in prison. My wife has been waiting for me for 10 years, I have been a member of the Adventist Church for 17 years, I have discovered God, were Anghel's words in his many requests for parole.

Had our convict gone all these years? The 68 rewards and the tens of days earned in the penitentiary could have fooled you. The man seemed to be on the right path.

However, the Court of Appeal added another 15 years to life in prison for heroin trafficking among convicts.

Numerous aluminum foils were used in his holy bible in the cell, which he used to wrap white dust.

-Everything is a staging, defends Anghel Morariu. They want to destroy my chances of being released on parole!

A life sentence, doubled by another 15 years in prison, would have brought down even the strongest characters, but not Anghel.

He knew, he felt, he believed that one day he would be free and happy with the woman who was not afraid of being caressed by two murderous hands.

Authorities forgot about him as soon as he came out of the penitentiary.

VIDEO: The tragic fate of the first donut sent by some Swedes into space

Two young Swedes sent the first donut into space, with the help of a weather balloon, filmed the whole adventure of the pastry at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, and after it fell into the sea they fished it and then bit it, an episode with which to The "tragic fate" of the first donut to reach space.

The two attached a film camera and the donut to a weather balloon, which then rose to an altitude of 32 kilometers in the stratosphere. It is true that outer space begins only at an altitude of 100 kilometers, so the donut did not even reach space, but still the realization is to be welcomed. After reaching 32 kilometers altitude, the weather balloon broke, and the donut and the video camera fell into the sea from where they were recovered by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

The recording of the donut adventure in the stratosphere captures some magnificent views of the oceans, the limit of the terrestrial atmosphere bathed in sunlight, but also the resistance of the decorative sugar flakes on the donut icing to the harsh conditions near outer space.

There is a moment of silent lyricism in which the donut seems to say goodbye to our planet, but then the weather balloon breaks, the donkey falls into the sea, and the two young Swedes recover it and eat it. Sending new dishes or food into space and recording these awards for posterity has become a real trend among people with weather balloons and cameras.

Gabriel Rău: From behind the scenes of the winners' childhood

The golden but rebellious characters, the playful look and the awkward smile are the business card of Gabriel Rău, the little boy on the cover of the current edition & bdquoOdoraş & rdquo and, by the way, the winner of the contest organized by Dishmatic. Undoubtedly, Gaby is a little boy with glue, or, not in vain, she gathered over 1200 votes in just two weeks. Given the fact that it was a fierce struggle and that many wanted to get on the cover of our magazine, we wanted to get to know the one who stole the hearts of our readers, and gave him the vote of confidence, that is why I visited him to meet and congratulate him.

Although he loves to spend time outside with his friends, Gabriel left his playmates, slides, desk, and sandbox for a day. He greeted us timidly, but only for a few moments. P & acircnă overcame the accommodation barrier. In a few minutes, not a trace of the withdrawn and shameful child remained. On the contrary, Gabriel proved to be an extremely sociable child, and for a few hours, while we were in his company, he kept asking us questions and answers.

An erudite child, we would say, at only three years old. Well, how impressive is his library & ndash books with stories, poems, encyclopedias, books with stickers, coloring pages, etc., not even & icircncape & icircndoială & hellip & bdquo. . & Icirci have been reading ever since. I think that's why Gabriel is so interested in reading. He already knows the alphabet, which he likes to repeat even in the street, rejoicing every time he sees his favorite letters: "from my father" and "from my mother." The numbers fascinated him from an early age, and the first toy with numbers managed to become his favorite. Now he knows what floor each of his friends lives on, trying to say the numbers every time and in English. His favorite book is the story & bdquoGogoaşa & rdquo, which he browses every time with great enthusiasm. This is also the story my mother tells her every night before bed. Cage (as she caresses the house) never forgets to remind her mother to say the two prayers, which she always listens to very carefully.

Apart from books, the place of honor is also toys, more precisely, cars. He forgot their number, however, Gaby does not give up a new one when she enters the store. Arriving home with the car in his arms, he quickly finds a parking space, but also a driver, so that his father, grandmother and grandmother each have their own car. Of all of them, Gaby's favorite is still a red BMW, which she doesn't forget to take with her when she goes to the guests.

& bdquoGabriel is a very understanding, smart and pacifist child. It does not make us hysterical and does not cause us problems, neither at home nor in society. Because he is the only child in the family, our entire universe revolves around him. & Icirc together we do m & acircncare. Really. Gaby is the one who puts the spices in the food. And he also constantly asks to decorate the cakes, to put the sugar. & Icirc together we take care of flowers. With my father, he watches football every night, and on the weekends he organizes men's day, and only the two of them spend it, says Irina, the boy's mother.

Gaby's friends are as many as the cars and books in her library. And in this category are all the children in the yard, the children of family friends, the animals in the grandparents' yard and the fish in the aquarium. Speaking of the latter: the large ones are father fish, the colored ones are mother fish, and the small ones are fish - Gaby. And if my mother, taking care of household chores, might forget to feed them, Gaby reminds her or goes to her twice a day in the morning and in the evening and gives them food.

If it was not the degree of kinship, he would also include his grandparents Timofei and Ion in the category of friends. And that's because Gaby is in a more than close relationship with both of us. (grandmothers hope they don't get upset). Timofei's grandfather lives in the city and Gaby loves to go to him, because together she puts the vines in the fireplace, then watches carefully as her grandfather lights the fire. Gaby also found a suitable name: & bdquoFocobu & rdquo. The other grandfather lives in the country and has a yard full of birds and animals. Knowing that Grandpa's birds are always looking for grain, Gaby breaks corn cobs from the gate and goes straight to the shed to feed them. He calls his grandfather Ion & icircl & bdquoCocobu & rdquo.

Finally, Gaby also wanted to show us her little trophies. Among the souvenirs chosen and bought after the family trips, the gifts and the handmade things made personally by Gaby at the development centers she attends, there are also two recent pictures. In one, Gabriel appears in the arms of Disney character Mickey Mouse, who came to visit him on June 1 to congratulate him on International Children's Day. The other is the winning picture, which brought her to the forefront of the contest organized by Dishmatic, in which Gaby, like a true housekeeper, washes the dishes.

& bdquoWe have quite a few innovations at home. It's a kind of family motto: we buy and experience everything new on the market. The Dishmatic sponge came to us like a glove. I heard about him just as Gaby was trying to help me wash the dishes. And because this high-performance sponge avoids the skin's contact with hot water and detergent, saves on the dishwashing solution, has a functional design and a pleasant aesthetic appearance, I bought it without much thought. We are very excited about him for a few reasons. It made my work in the kitchen easier, and Gaby was taught the notion of economy (of water and solution) & rdquo, concludes Irina.

The DISHmatic contest in which Gabriel participated and which secured him a place on the cover of our magazine is the first of his life, as well as the appearance of & icircn & bdquoOdoraş & rdquo. Gaby & icircnsă told us that she liked this experience and promised that it would not be the last. We look forward to visiting you with new and beautiful events.

Article published in the magazine Odoraş, Nr. 6 (75), 2014

Crazy offers for tourists: "Pigeon from the sea, squeeze it hard between the legs"

Street vendors, who roam the beaches of Eforie Nord from dawn to dusk, give a real recital in verse, hoping that they will snatch a smile and then a penny from the tourist lured with all sorts of souvenirs, donuts or, of course, -Now, the miraculous mud.

Corn, 2-3 lei a piece

& # 8220Dove from the sea, squeeze it tightly between your legs & # 8221

Donut, 2 lei a piece

& # 8220Take the angry donut, eat here and die at home, but I don't care & # 8221

Of course, nothing professional, nothing literary. Only broken words from the urban folklore, everyday, combined, it is true, not very harmonious, with the promise of some wishes that could be fulfilled after buying the product at auction. Libertatea reporters present some of the & # 8220creations & # 8221 that make a sensation among the sheets lying on the beach.

Kurtos, 7 lei a piece

& # 8220Ia kurtosu-coil, to give you Lord boy & # 8221

Flowered dresses, 10 lei each

& # 8220Take the flowered dress, do not leave the girl naked & # 8221

Shell, 5 lei each

& # 8220Take the sea shell, have a virgin & # 8221

Record number of tourists on the Seaside

Last weekend, a record number of tourists was registered on the Seaside. More than 180,000 people went to sea, according to the Danube Coast-Delta Association, quoted by Mediafax. Costinesti was the most sought after resort, with 41,000 people choosing to spend the weekend here. There were 36,300 people in Mamaia. The few opted for Tuzla, where there were 313 tourists, or August 23, where only 250 people arrived.

Yellow rain code

Bad news from meteorologists, who issued a yellow code warning valid until today. It's about wind intensifications, torrential rains and hail. Atmospheric instability will be felt most in Moldova, in Muntenia and in the area of ​​the Curvature Carpathians. The amount of water that falls will be as high as 40 & # 8211 50 liters per square meter. Tomorrow, in Bucharest, the weather will be variable, with maximum temperatures of 33 & # 8230 34 ° C. The minimum will be 19 ° C.

VLADIMIR PUTIN could not even hide in the SNAKE HOLE! What a TERRIBLE weapon the USA has developed PHOTO GALLERY

Russia and the United States are currently building a new class of hypersonic missiles that can hit any target on the globe in less than an hour, with devastating accuracy, according to themoscowtimes.com.

The United States is leading the competition, which makes Vladimir Putin and his military specialists permanently consider themselves a zero-level alert.

Hypersonic weapons 101

The hypersonic missiles are built by the USA under the Conventional Prompt Global Strike program. So far, Americans have spent more than $ 1 billion on the program, which would require a few billion more dollars to obtain hypersonic capacity for conventional missiles.

Such missiles are very difficult to detect by enemies and are terribly effective due to their accuracy.

Russia's answer

The new weapons developed by the United States have led Russia to consider the annulment of treaties on the control of nuclear weapons signed with Washington.

Vladimir Putin said in 2013 that new US missiles are destabilizing the balance of power.

"My great concern is that Russia could interpret an attack with such a missile on another state as a threat to Russia, because hypersonic missiles will not have a clear trajectory, but a winding and confusing one," said an expert from Russia. Nuclear Policy Program.

At present, in the context of the crisis in Ukraine, any development of American hypersonic missiles is seen by Russia as a threat to nuclear weapons, which could be devastatingly and accurately hit.

The victory of the people, the victory of the Romanians in Spain

The success of Mariano Rajoy's people will not affect Romanian immigrants from Spain, but on the contrary.

In an interview given to & quotEvenimentul Zilei & quot, the chairman of the commission for Romanian communities abroad, PDL deputy William Brînză, claims that the victory of the Popular Party is one of the values ​​of the right, of politicians who promote reform for the benefit of citizens.

The deputy also talks about the latest media scandal in Italy, but also about the coalition's decision to change the voting system, being dissatisfied with the fact that in the next elections the diaspora will have only one senator.

EVZ: In Spain, the Socialists who led the country since 2004 lost Sunday's legislative elections, and Mariano Rajoy's people are now coming to power. What does this mean for Romanians in Spain?
William Cheese: I am very happy and I sent my congratulations since Sunday evening to the PP in Spain and to my friend Mariano Rajoy, the future Prime Minister of Spain, for the historic victory in the elections that restored the confidence of Spaniards in right-wing values.

It is a victory of right-wing values ​​and principles, the only solution for Europe and its citizens is the victory of politicians who promote reform for the benefit of the citizen. I have a relationship with them thanks to the community of Romanians who understood to support the PP, Romanians being right-wing people and when I say that I think of the over 900 thousand compatriots living in Spain who have integrated very well by paying taxes and duties contributed to the development of Spain. They wanted the return of the PP to the government and I am glad that this desideratum became a reality also by supporting the Romanians, by their direct vote in the local elections where here too the PP triumphed.

What can you do about the recent media scandal in Italy, where a radio station broadcast a song in which Romania is called "Gypsy Country"?
Between November 25-28 I will be present in the middle of the Romanian community in Italy where I will have a series of meetings with local and regional authorities in order to identify solutions to the problems that the Romanian community has in the peninsula, but also to identify new modalităţi de colaborare economică, politică şi culturală (în contextul în care anul 2012 va fi anul culturii Româno Italiene).

Voi aborda frontal situaţia generată de comentariile de netolerat care s-au făcut la adresa românilor şi a României, în cadrul emisiunii radiofonice "La Zoo".

Condamn cu fermitate astfel de derapaje mediatice care etichetează pe nedrept un popor şi voi căuta împreună cu comunitatea de români şi cu autorităţile soluţiile pentru a eradica astfel de situaţii.

Să revenim puţin la scena noastră politică. Coaliţia a hotărât comasarea alegerilor parlamentare cu cele locale şi totodată schimbarea sistemului de vot. Diaspora va fi suficient reprezentată în viitorul legislativ?

Celebra veste pe care pe care mi-a dat-o premierul la BPN-ul de săptămâna trecută, că în urma negocierilor diaspora va avea numai un senator, m-a nemulţumit. Sincer vă spun că este hilar. Dacă nu ar fi trist ar fi comic. Cum poţi să pui un senator pe toata lumea? Ce este asta ? Este un Papă! Un senator al României pe toată lumea?, nu văd ce poate să facă. O sa fie o întrebare de genul: unde vă duceţi mâine? În Australia. Şi poimâine? În Africa. Este chiar hilar. I-am explicat domnului Boc că nici constituţional nu stă în picioare. Cum să ai un senator care să reprezinte trei milioane de români în străinătate? Au fost voci mai înfundate care au spus "Respectarea Constituţiei în străinătate înseamnă peste 30 de parlamentari". Nu sunt nici absurd, înţeleg că nu se poate 30 de paralmentari pentru diaspora, dar totuşi o reprezentare corectă trebuie să fie.

Concret, care a fost propunera dumneavoastră?

Propunerea pe care am facut-o la partid a fost un număr de peste 20 de parlamentari, senatori şi deputaţi care să provină din diaspora. Cei peste trei milioane de români rezidenţi au nevoie de voci în Parlamentul României.

Sunt discuţii să se renunţe la portocaliu

În concluzie, PDL va da startul negocierilor în Coaliţie plecând de la acest număr?
Premierul Emil Boc este un fin negociator şi va pleca cu ideea ca România să aibă un număr reprezentativ de parlamentari, respectând procentul stabilit prin Constituţie. Nu ne putem antepronunţa, dar PDL are şansa să obţină mult mai multe locuri datorită muncii pe care a avut-o, dar acelaşi lucru l-ar putea spune şi un preşedinte de organizaţie. De exemplu, Aradul are toate şansele să fie portocaliu dacă ne vom păstra culoarea.

Sunt discuţii să se schimbe culoarea?

Sunt discuţii, au fost întotdeauna discuţii să se schimbe culoarea.

Va fi acel verde care s-a folosit la alegerile parţiale?

Sincer, aş face o supoziţie, nu ştiu dacă va fi verde, violet de genţiana sau albastru..

Se va schimba culoarea până la algeri?
Nu ştiu, trebuie să fie o discuţie bazată pe argumente, trebuie făcut un studiu.

Dar de ce renunţaţi la portocaliu?

Ştiţi cum e, şi când l-am înfiinţat m-aţi putea întreba "de ce l-aţi făcut portocaliu"? A fost o discuţie, era o culoare europeană, în trend..

S-au săturat românii de portocaliu?

Nu numai românii, această culoare a fost folosită şi în Ucraina, Italia… Sunt trenduri… Trebuie să mergi pe ceea ce vrea populaţia.

Şi spre ce culoare înclinaţi în concluzie?

Personal eu aş vrea albastru, pentru că este culoarea PPE.

Dar până la alegeri spuneţi că nu se poate.

Orice se poate, faci un Congres… Dar nu cred că tema principala până la alegeri va fi schimbarea culorii, deşi unii îl atacă pe bietul trandafir să-i ia spinii, petalele, să-l transforme în porumbiţă. Eram în Spania la o acţiune politică şi m-au întrebat "ce-i cu trandafirul?, voi sunteţi partid de dreapta".

Să revenim la sistemul de vot, ar trebui sau nu introdusă interdicţia de a candida pe două funcţii alese uninominal?

Depinde cum privim. Dacă privim pe ceea ce se întamplă în Europa, Spania, Italia aici se poate, dar primarii din Spania şi din Italia nu au aceleaşi atribuţii pe care le au primarii din România. Ei nu sunt şi ordonatori de credite. Ei sunt doar executanţi. Deci, nu poţi fi şi ordonator de credite şi parlamentar. Trebuie modificată întreaga legislaţie.

"USL ne pune într-o situaţie «simpatică»"

Se va introduce votul prin corespondenţă?
Votul prin corespondenţă dă mari frisoane opoziţiei şi, din păcate, şi UDMR-ului. Flerul meu spune că uşoara opoziţie a UDMR stă la baza unor negocieri şi unor prezumptive avantaje politice ce le-ar putea obţine fiind de accord ca acest proiect legislativ să devină lege. Când vorbesc de USL aici lucrurile sunt închise. Teama vădită faţă de reacţia românilor din străinătate îi face să calce în picioare Constituţia şi să refuze românilor din străinătate dreptul consfinţit de aceasta.

USL a decis să iniţieze suspendarea preşedintelui Traian Băsescu. Să ne imaginăm că ar reuşi, care ar fi votul din diaspora?

Este destul de ingrată această decizie a USL-ului pentru că riscăm să tulburăm în cancelariile europene ideea de stabilitate a României. Ne pune într-o situaţie "simpatică" ceea ce au făcut ei. În această săptămână merg în străinătate unde omologii parlamentari mă vor întreba "ce se întâmplă la voi în România, e instabiliate?". Sunt preocupaţi pentru că în România, Italia, franţa, Germania, etc au investiţii semnificative. Atât de minte scurtă au să scoată gogoaşa asta pe piaţă, pe fondul unei sensibilităţi economice? Într-un procent semnificativ, românii din străinătate ar vota pentru că în 2007 Traian Băsescu a luat peste 85%. Astăzi, când află ca USL-ul îl pune în loc pe Crin Antonescu, ne ducem la 90 -95% în favoarea preşedintelui Traian Băsescu.

"N-am plătit cablul, dar cotizaţia a fost sfântă"

Au fost discuţii în PDL referitor la faptul că unii nu şi-au plătit cotizaţiile. Cine sunt cei care nu au plătit şi care au fost discuţiile la nivelul conducerii cu aceştia. Dumneavoastră v-aţi plătit-o?
Mi-am plătit-o. N-am plătit cablul şi gazele, dar cotizaţia a fost sfântă la partid. La un frig mai stai sau fără lumină, dar fără partid nu pot. Au fost însă alţi colegi care cred că au luat-o invers, au avut altă ordine în priorităţi, şi am înţeles că au fost şi supărări atunci când domnul preşedinte a cerut plata cotizaţiilor. Au fost vociferări din partea unor colegi care au spus că nu vor plăti pentru că ei nu au bani.

Şi în cazul ăsta ce se va întâmpla?
Vor plăti. Nu i-a obligat nimeni nici să intre în BPN şi în afară de asta mi se pare pueril din partea unora să spună "am plecat din PDL din cauza a două milioane de lei". Spune mai bine ce te frământă sau ce nemulţumiri ai.

Mai sunt mulţi care nu au plătit?

Mai sunt. Unii sunt Gică contra că aşa s-au născut, alţii mai fac joc de glezne, iar alţii poate stau rău cu banii pentru că indemnizaţia de parlamentar este 3.700 de lei. Dacă începi să scazi două milioane taxa de deputat…

Da, dar s-a conturat ideea că niciun parlamentar nu trăieşte doar din indemnizaţie şi atunci..

Sincer, cred că mai sunt parlamentari care trăiesc doar din indemnizaţie şi nu o spun ca pe ceva onorific pentru ca poţi face şi altceva. Poţi profesa, poţi da meditaţii, poate unii sunt talentaţi şi fac pictură. Deci, poţi să faci şi altceva. Chiar nu consider a fi o virtute să vii şi să spui "eu trăiesc numai din activitatea de parlamentar". Bravo!, ce sa zic. Întrebarea e: n-ai niciun talent? Nu te pricepi la nimic, nu cânţi la niciun instrument, nu spui o poezioară, nu pictezi, nu desenezi, chiar nimic, nimic, te-a lăsat Dumnezeu aşa numai cu talent politic?!

Care este ţelul pe care vi l-aţi propus în acest mandat după opt ani de politică?
Cea mai înaltă demnitate, după preşedinte, este cea de parlamentar. Am luptat şi lupt în politică pentru românii mei şi îmi doresc să ajung să am putere de decizie şi mai mare astfel încât să pot înfiinţa cât mai multe instituţii româneşti în străinătate, conduse de români. Mi-am propus şi vreau să ridic la maxim sentimentul naţional al românilor, astfel încât, atunci când aud imnul naţional, când vor auzi, de la mine sau de la alţii, un cuvânt frumos la adresa României să ştie că au contribuit la realizarea acestui deziderat.

Aş fi bucuros să ştiu că de Ziua Naţională a României toţi românii vor avea acea simţire faţă de ţară, indiferent de locul în care paşii l-au purtat, iar de sfintele sărbători tradiţionalul "La mulţi ani !"aş fi dorit să îl rostesc împreună cu ei în ţară, dar asta este viaţă, la o parte din ei voi merge, dar la toţi românii din Diaspora mă voi gândi.

Iată ce mâncăruri nu trebuie să ratezi în ţările pe care le vizitezi

Că îţi petreci concediul în îndepărtata Japonie sau la vecinii bulgari, la greci sau la turci, nu uita să deguşti mâncărurile tradiţionale ale ţării pe care o vizitezi. Chiar dacă preparatele cu pricina se găsesc şi în România, vei descoperi că &ldquola mama lor&rdquo sunt, de cele mai multe ori, total diferite de cele de la noi. India, Thailanda, Bulgaria, Grecia, Japonia, Spania, Ungaria, Germania, Turcia şi Franţa sunt cele 10 &ldquodestinaţii gastronomice&rdquo pe care ţi le propunem azi.

De departe, Bulgaria este renumită pentru castraveţii muraţi şi pentru salata bulgărească – sopska salata . Din bucatele tradiţionale ale vecinilor bulgari mai poţi încerca: tarator – o supă rece cu iaurt şi castravete, kavarma – ruladă din legume, brânză şi carne de pui sau porc, snezhanka – salată din iaurt cu bucăţele de castraveţi verzi sau muraţi şi usturoi şi thracian banitsa – prăjitură umplută cu brânză, cu spanac, ori cu dovleac.

Supa tom yum este unul dintre cele mai renumite feluri de mâncare din Thailanda şi se face din carne, ceapă, frunze de lămâi, chefir, sos de peşte, fructe de tamarin, felii de ghimbir. În funcţie de conţinut, aceasta poate fi întâlnită sub denumirea de: tom yum goong (foto) – cu creveţi, tom yum gai – cu pui, tom yum pla – cu peşte şi tom yum po taek – cu ciuperci. În Thailanda mai poţi mânca şi pad thai – tăiţei de orez prăjit cu sos de peşte, zahăr, suc de lămâie sau de pulpă de tamarin, arahide tocate, ouă, carne de pui sau fructe de mare.


La gătit, indienii folosesc aproximativ 20 de condimente diferite. Cele mai cunoscute sunt piperul, şofranul, ghimbirul, menta, coriandrul, chimenul şi nucşoara. Murg makhani (foto) este unul dintre cele mai apreciate feluri de mâncare din India. Este vorba despre pui marinat în sos de roşii, gătit în unt. Nu rata nici: tandoori murg (copane de pui marinate, preparate la cuptor cu o serie de condimente speciale), gushtaba (chifteluţe picante în iaurt), dosa (clătite cu orez), ildi (gogoşi cu murături) şi jalebi (clătite cu sirop).


Tzatziki (foto) e de departe unul dintre cele mai cunoscute sosuri din Grecia. Preparat din iaurt, castraveţi, usturoi şi mărar, acesta poate fi folosit în combinaţie cu mai multe feluri de mâncare sau poate fi consumat ca atare, ca aperitiv. Dacă tot ajungi în Grecia, nu rata delicioasele inele de calamari , ori friptura de caracatiţă , pe care le poţi găsi la orice terasă sau restaurant la preţuri accesibile. Gyrosul este un fel de shaorma care conţine carne de porc sau de pasăre, ceapă, usturoi, lămâie, sare, rozmarin, salvie, măghiran, boia, piper, roşie. Alte delicatese greceşti: mousaka – straturi succesive de vinete şi carne de miel, peste care se pune un sos alb, pastitsio – un tip de lasagna grecească, din paste cu ou şi brânză, carne condimentată şi sos, souvlaki – carne de miel friptă pe frigăruie, apoi servită în lipie.


Sushi (foto) este unul dintre cele mai populare preparate japoneze. În forma sa clasică, sushi conţine orez, peşte, fructe de mare, legume, oţet. Cele mai răspândite sunt: nigiri-sushi – orez frământat şi felii de peşte, oshi-sushi – orez acoperit cu felii de peşte marinat sau fiert, maki-sushi – bucăţi de peşte, fructe de mare şi legume rulate în orez dres cu oţet şi în alge uscate, chirashi-sushi – orez dres cu oţet pe care se aşază diverse ingrediente. Încearcă şi: supa miso – un fel de pastă de fasole, tofu uscat şi alge, wassabi – o pastă foarte iute, preparată dintr-o plantă rară.


În Spania, la mare căutare e tortilla, preparată în diverse variante. Cea mai delicioasă este tortilla de patata (foto) – o omletă de cartofi cu ceapă, piper, ciuperci, ton, castraveţi, anghinare şi sparanghel. Churro , o altă delicatesă spaniolă, e un produs dulce de patiserie, cu aromă de scorţişoară, supranumit şi “gogoaşa spaniolă”. Dintre mâncărurile iberice îţi mai recomandăm: gazpacho – supă rece de roşii, paella – orez cu şofran, fabada asturiana – tocană de fasole, migas – pâine veche de o zi cu usturoi, lechazo asado – miel de lapte prăjit, chuletillas – cotlet de miel de lapte la grătar, jamón serrano – şuncă sărată uscată.


Dacă ajungi în Ungaria, nu trebuie să ratezi gulaşul (foto) . Acest preparat realizat ca supă sau ca tocăniţă din carne de porc, picant şi gustos, este reprezentativ pentru bucătăria tradiţională ungurească. Încearcă şi halászlé – o supă de peşte condimentată cu boia de ardei, vadgombaleves – supă de ciuperci sălbatice, töltött paprika – ardei umplut cu carne, orez şi condimente, töltött tojás – ouă coapte în cuptor cu maioneză şi smântână, paprikás krumpli – papricaş condimentat, cu cârnaţi şi cartofi, rakott palacsinta – clătite cu brânză dulce, dulceaţă şi nuci, dobos torta – cozonac stratificat cu cremă de ciocolată şi acoperit cu caramel şi cu nuci.


Cârnaţii albi (weisswurst, foto ) sunt la mare căutare în Germania, ţară unde se produc mai mult de 1.500 de varietăţi. Această specialitate bavareză se prepară din carne de viţel tocată foarte fin şi şuncă proaspătă de porc. Se condimentează, de obicei, cu pătrunjel, lămâie, ceapă, nucşoară şi ghimbir. Din bucatele tradiţionale mai merită să încerci şi leberkäse – un fel de plăcintă din carne sărată de vită, şuncă şi ceapă – toate tocate foarte fin şi coapte ca pâinea. În această perioadă, este “sezonul” spargel-ului , sparanghel cu sos, cartofi fierţi tăiaţi cubuleţe sau feliaţi.

Nu poţi să vizitezi Turcia şi să nu încerci una dintre zecile de variante de rahat ( lokum sau loukoum – foto ). De obicei, acesta se comercializează tăiat în cuburi mici, acoperite cu zahăr pudră, şi poţi alege dintr-o gamă largă de culori şi arome, cele mai populare fiind de lămâie, portocale, cacao şi fistic. În plus, poţi găsi rahat care conţine în mijloc fistic, alune, nuci sau migdale, sau care e “învelit” în diverse alte dulciuri, precum nuga. De la turci, mai trebuie să încerci chebabul, în variatele: döner chebab – din miel sau pui fript, servit în lipie sau la farfurie, cu salată, roşii şi smântână şi siş chebab – frigăruie din cuburi mici de carne de pasăre sau peşte, cu sau fără legume, friptă pe grătar. Nu rata nici halvaua , baclavaua şi ceaiul turcesc .


La francezi, gătitul este o adevărată artă alimentele se pregătesc cu unt, prin înăbuşire. Carnea şi sosurile se prepară, de cele mai multe ori, cu vin. Bucătăriei franceze îi datorăm escalopul, sufleurile, maioneza, savarina, tartele, şarlotele. Unul dintre preparatele reprezentative pentru Franţa este cordon bleu (foto) – un fel de şniţel de pui, cu şuncă şi brânză sau caşcaval, înmuiate în pesmet şi în ou. Dintre bucatele franţuzeşti merită să mai guşti: ratatouille – tocană de vinete, roşii, dovlecei, ceapă, usturoi şi verdeaţă, salata nicoise – făcută din roşii, ouă fierte, măsline, anşoa, cartofi, mazăre, ardei, ton, salată verde, bouillabaisse – supă de peşte, foie gras – pate de ficat de gâscă sau de raţă, quiche lorraine – tartă umplută cu un amestec din şuncă şi brânză.


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